i could go into the kitchen and make soup right now. i could chop up a whole onion and put it in there and nobody could stop me. i could put cereal in it. i could dump the whole bowl onto the floor and roll around in it naked while barbie girl plays and then order ten of those 7 foot long gummy snakes online and nobody could do a goddamned thing. being an adult is terrifying

this is too much power for one person to have

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he saw the opportunity and took it


he saw the opportunity and took it

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Why purple?

Time to answer rhetorical questions yo!

Purple is the color of regality, and most of the villains who wear it are either royals, nobility, or very wealthy.  It’s also the strongest wavelength in the rainbow (the next wavelength up is UV which is harmful to humans), and most of the villains are after power of some sort.  Finally, and this really only applies to a few of them, it symbolizes magic and the supernatural, so it makes sense for the witches and sorcerers to wear it.

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I believe in you, Jim.

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Man at Arms: Forging Sokka's Meteor Sword (x)

A guy literally made Sokka’s Meteorite sword.. Fantastic!

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